Landscape Painting Workshop!

Landscape painting by Mardy, age 15

Come join us for the Landscape Painting workshop on Wednesday July 17th, from 4:30-6:00pm at Kelly D. Pelka’s Home Studio in Chicago! This workshop will be led by artist and youth art mentor Kelly D. Pelka.

Artists will create landscapes using tempera paint on canvas!  Learn basic painting techniques and color theory. Bring a photo of a landscape from home or choose from our selection at the studio.

Please bring a smock or wear appropriate attire for painting.

Tuition is $30, All materials are included.  3rd grade and up, all ages welcome, limit 5 students.

*Advanced registration is required by July 15th.  Please contact us through email to reserve your space.  Participants can print out a Registration Form from our website and bring it along with your Tuition Payment the day of attendance.

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