Custom Group Art Classes/Workshops

Girl Scouts from Whittier School enjoy their art show at Brown Cow!

This is a great option for birthday parties, scout activities, play dates, 1-time workshops as well as for groups of friends who enjoy art!

Art focus options are limitless, but here’s a few ideas:¬†Cartooning/Mini-Comic Books/Stickers/Recycled Materials Project (includes paint, limited recycled materials)/Painting (acrylic, watercolor, tempra paints, water based oils)/Air Dry Clay/Drawing (oil or chalk pastels, charcoal,pen and ink, color pencils, paint pens)/Collage/General Art Techniques and more!

-Tuition for Group Art Classes/Workshops is $15 per student/per hour for 4 or more students. All materials included. (i.e. Tuition for 4 students for a 1 hour class is $60 total.) There must be 4 or more students for the Group Art Class or Workshop rate. All group classes/workshops with 4 or more participants are scheduled at off-site locations. Contact us to discuss your options.

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