Right-Brained Studio Mobile

Youth artists Gerardo and Angela at the "Robots!" opening reception at Eye Want in Wicker Park

Right-Brained Studio Mobile…Experience the art of creative thinking!

Right-Brained Studio is a mobile art concept offering Group Art Classes, Workshops, Private Instruction, Art-based Birthday Parties, Art Activities for Special Events at various locations throughout the USA, thus exploring new spaces for creative use as well as bringing the art to you!

Some location options for Classes and Workshops include:  My Home and Studio in Chicago/Portland • Your School • Your Home • Alternative Spaces such as the Library, Conservatory, Art Galleries and Museums • at Special Events such as Block Parties, Weddings or Birthdays. The options are endless!

-Tuition for Group Art Classes/1-Time Workshops is $15 per student/per hour for 4 or more students. All materials included. (i.e. Tuition for 4 students for a 1 hour class is $60 total.)

-Tuition for Private Art Classes at Kelly Pelka’s home studio locations (Chicago/Portland) as well as field trips, is $30 per hour for 1 student, $25 per hour/per student for 2 students and $20 per hour/per student for 3 students sharing a time slot. All materials included.

Right-Brained Studio artists enjoy Special Events such as art shows featuring their work at various locations. Past exhibits in the Chicago area include the Historic Flat Iron Building, Eye Want, Borders, Brown Cow and The Buzz Cafe.

At Right-Brained Studio, artists are encouraged to explore their own styles of art making in a peaceful and nurturing environment with a constant rotation of materials and inspiration that spark creative thinking.

Right-Brained Studio, the art of creative thinking! 

Phone: 1-773-301-5424
e-mail: info@right-brainedstudio.com
website: www.right-brainedstudio.com