Custom Private Art Classes/Workshops with Kelly D. Pelka

Customize your own Art Class schedule with Artist and Art Mentor Kelly D. Pelka!

Private art classes are customized for seriously committed youth artists as well as for those who just enjoy creating. Whether to focus on a specific medium, explore different art practices, build a portfolio for High School or college, private art classes offer a unique experience to work with a professional artist in a studio setting. Field trips can also be scheduled for outdoor drawing sessions, museum visits and more.

-All materials included

-Customize your schedule.  Meet for a one time workshop, once a week or more!

-Limit: 1-3 students

- Private Lessons are On-site at Kelly Pelka’s Home Studio locations (Chicago, Humboldt Park/Portland, Mt. Tabor) as well as field trip options.

-Tuition for Private Lessons: $30 per hour for 1 student, $25 per hour/per student for 2 students and $20 per hour/per student for 3 students sharing a time slot. 


2 Responses to Custom Private Art Classes/Workshops with Kelly D. Pelka

  1. Big Brothers Big Sisters

    I am a Program Coordinator for Big Brothers Big Sisters and I am interested in having you come lead a program at one of my sessions. I am have a group of 18 kids and 18 adults. I am interested in learning more details.
    Kate Salasky

    • Hi Kate!
      Thanks for contacting me (I just received your voicemail too). I’m currently in Portland, Oregon and will be back in Chicago September 1st, so I’ll return your call as soon as I get back. Just to give you some scheduling info, I’m booked through September, but I have some availability in October as of now.
      I work with small groups, so about 10-12 participants in each program. I found this to be the most optimal creative experience for all involved. Are you able to split your group up?

      Looking forward to speaking with you more about this!
      Thanks again and have a good rest of the week,

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