Be a Part of Public Art at Right-Brained Studio!

Yarn Bomb! Instructor Tamara Matthews.

Yarn Bombing! (Crochet for Public Display)

Crocheters and knitters these days are not satisfied with creating just apparel with their craft–they’re taking yarn to the streets! Yarn bombing in an increasingly popular activity that you can find in cities around the world where crocheters and knitters use their skills to create public art. Come learn to create a yarn bomb of your own. We’ll spend the first part of the workshop learning the basics of crochet and how to build a granny square and the second part finalizing our squares and putting them on display.  Sign up for 1 workshop or all three…Beginners and advanced crocheters welcome!

Yarn Bombing! (Crochet for Public Display)

Tuition for this 2 hr. workshop is $30 and will be offered during the following dates/times:

Saturday September 29th: 10:00am-noon

Saturday October 27th: 1:00-3:00pm

Saturday November 17th: 3:00-5:00pm

Please view our Saturday “a la cARTe” Workshops under the 2012 ART CLASS SCHEDULE for more information.

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